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120km (75 miles) range
4 hours charge time
80km/h (50 mph) top speed

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Steering Available: LHD or RHD
Driven Wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
Transmission: Automatic
Suspension Type: Coiled Spring F/R
Body Type: Cabriolet
Brakes Front: Disc
Brakes Rear: Drum
Wheels: Steel
Top Speed: 80km/h
Range: 120km
Powertrain: 10.5kW
Max Power: 33kW
Max Torque: 130nm
Max Voltage: 108v
Nominal: 87v
Min Voltage: 72v


Headlights: LED
Daytime Running Lights: Yes
Turn Lamps: Yes – 4
Tail Lamps: Yes – 4
Licence Plate Lamp: Yes
Windscreen Wash: Front
Heated Front Screen: Yes
Speedometer: MPH or KPH
Range Indicator: Yes
Battery Temp Indicator: Yes
12v Battery: Yes
AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System): Yes
Waterproof Speakers: Yes – 2
Drive Mode Switch: Yes – 3 Modes


Front Seats: Front Fully Adjustable x2
Rear Seats: Rear bench seat (ISOFIX Compatible)
Upholstery: Black weatherproof upholstery
Seat Belts: 4 Three Point Seat Belts
Seat Number: 4
Steering Wheel Adjust: No
Bumper: Front and Rear Yes
Road Emergency Kit: Yes
Tyre Jack: Yes
Floor Trim: Black Rubber Mats
Start: Key Mechanical
Wing Mirrors: Yes – 2
Mud Flaps: Yes – 2
Bimini Roof: Standard


Overall Length: 3325mm
Overall Width: 1660mm
Overall Height: 1550mm
Wheelbase: 2255mm
Track Front: 1295mm
Track Rear: 1245mm
Front Axle Max Mass: 680kg
Rear Axle Max Mass: 565kg
Body Pressed: Steel


Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Charge Type: Three Phase AC Synchronous
Charger Supplied: Type 2
Battery State of Charge (@ shipping): >50%
Battery Weight: 77kg
Battery Dimensions: 912mm Width, 304mm Height, 564mm Depth


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