MOKE on the beach

The perfect pairing: The Pig on the Beach and MOKE

Select journalists, content creators and top customers travelled to Sandbanks from London to be with MOKE for the morning for the opportunity to see Sandbanks via open-air exploration…


Breath-taking views and scenery to admire

Nestled amidst picturesque countryside landscapes, The Pig Hotel stands as a testament to idyllic rural retreats. With a collection of boutique hotels located across the United Kingdom, each property exudes a distinctive charm while staying true to The Pig’s philosophy of authenticity and sustainability. This is why The Pig appealed to MOKE as a destination for hosting, especially as the Pig on the Beach has the most breath-taking views and scenery to admire as you drive around the country roads.

MOKE has always stated it is at home next to the sea and this event proved that that stance can even ring true in the UK.

Signature design and sense of freedom

The location was also carefully chosen to emphasise the natural charm of the MOKE, which lies not only in its signature design but also in the sense of freedom it offers, enabling people to explore the world at their own pace while immersing in the beauty of ones surroundings.

MOKE will be continuing to host various other test drive events around the UK, therefore you are encouraged to sign up to the community (if not already) to be kept informed of the next one. 

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Following the film’s release, THE Argylle MOKE capsule collection, designed in collaboration with the creative minds behind the film, will be AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE for a limited time only.