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Welcome to Miami

Welcome to the vibrant and sun-soaked city of Miami, where tropical vibes meet urban allure. If you’re planning a visit to this lively destination, there’s no better way to explore its stunning streets and coastal beauty than with a MOKE. Here’s the down-low on our new sun-kissed, Miami campaign shoot.


A perfect companion for Miami adventure

Unveiling the charm of Miami in an eco-friendly and stylish way, MOKE is the perfect companion for your Miami adventure. The MOKE team were kindly shown the must-see attractions, top dining spots, and iconic neighbourhoods by MOKEs new campaign photographer, Miami local, Jordan Braun.

Jordan, we just got to Miami. Where’s your recommended first hot spot to hit for the ultimate Miami experience?

“Without a doubt, Joe’s Stone Crab is the place to go for the OG Miami dining experience. Joe’s has been open for over 100 years and has some of the most classic Florida bites for all. Obviously, the Stone Crab claws are what they’re most known for but you can’t skip out on the Grilled Tomatoes, Stone Crab Bisque, Cole Slaw, Chopped Salad, Lyonnaise Potatoes, Fried Chicken and of course their classic Key Lime Pie. This place is an amazing place to people watch; you won’t go wrong with a dine at Joe’s. Pro tip: Stop by Joe’s Take Away next door for a faster experience or if you want to get all of it to- go for a beach day.” 

The essence of Miami's laid-back spirit

With its retro-inspired design and electric power, MOKE’s shoot aimed to capture the essence of Miami’s laid-back spirit. The Electric MOKE’s compact size and agility made it an ideal choice for navigating the bustling streets and finding the hidden gems that Miami has to offer. Whether cruising along Ocean Drive or exploring the colourful streets of Wynwood, the MOKE turns heads wherever it goes.

Is there a good drive you would recommend taking the MOKE round Miami?

“Miami is a great place to have a MOKE! I think a perfect day would be loading up the MOKE, taking the canopy off the roof, and heading over to Key Biscayne for the day. Crossing the Rickenbacker Causeway gives you great views of the Miami skyline and offers great beaches and food trucks to grab a bite. The town of Key Biscayne and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park really make the drive (of course in a MOKE) worth it. ”


Hop from one beach to another

Miami is renowned for its breath-taking beaches, and a trip to this city wouldn’t be complete without enjoying the sun and sand. With the MOKE, you can effortlessly hop from one beach to another, each with its own distinct charm. From the iconic South Beach, with its vibrant atmosphere and glamorous beach clubs, to the more secluded and serene Crandon Park Beach on Key Biscayne, MOKE allows you to soak up the sun whilst enjoying the coastal beauty that Miami has to offer.

What would you consider to be the most beautiful beach spot in Miami? And is there any beach in Miami that is off the beaten track?

“I’m a little biased when it comes to my favorite beach spot, but South Pointe Park beach is mine. Living in the South of Fifth neighborhood and the beach a block away is top tier. I find that the water is calmer, and the beach crowd is much more tame than those north of fifth street. I can spend the entire day at the beach and enjoy floating in knee deep water at the sandbar when the tide is low. A perfect way to spend your weekend or day off of work to unwind.” 

Beyond the beaches, Miami is a city of diverse neighbourhoods, each with its own character and allure.

With MOKE, you can easily explore these vibrant districts, from the colourful streets of Wynwood, adorned with mesmerizing murals and buzzing with art galleries and trendy cafes, to the historic Art Deco District in South Beach, where pastel-hued buildings transport you to the glamorous era of the 1930s. Little Havana, with its lively Latin rhythms and delicious cuisine, is another must-visit neighbourhood where MOKE can take you on a flavourful journey through Cuban culture.

You have been working and living in Miami now for a number of years. What drew you to the city besides having sun 300 days a year!?

“When I used to visit Miami when I was in college at SCAD in Savannah (Jordan studied Photography), I fell in love with the vibrant city and all the different cultures all in one place. You can really see every walk of life in this place – no wonder they call it ‘the Magic City’. Miami has so much to offer in terms of careers, outdoor activities, food scenes and nightlife. I thrive in the warm weather and will be calling Miami home until further notice.”



Finally, can you share a behind-the-scenes story or the most memorable moment from the MOKE shoot in Miami?

“It was a great experience having the MOKE team from London in Miami, and getting to be their tour guide around the city for 3 days. Seeing their faces at each turn on our drives brought me back to my first time in Miami as a visitor. The liveliness and energy the 305 has to offer really can’t compare to anywhere else on Earth. We were able to shoot all throughout the city and visit many neighborhoods with the MOKE. The ultimate Miami experience!” 

Miami is a city that captivates with its beautiful beaches, lively neighbourhoods, and vibrant culture. By embracing the magic of Miami with an Electric MOKE, you’ll experience the city in a unique and unforgettable way. So, hop in and let MOKE be your ticket to an extraordinary Miami experience.




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