MOKE at Goodwood revival festival

MOKE showcases new generation MOKEs at glorious Goodwood Revival

MOKE International proudly showcased both their new generation Electric MOKEs as well as a heritage Austin Mini Moke from 1964 during the Goodwood Revival festival in Chichester.

Goodwood Revival is the world’s greatest historic motor race meeting, and the only sporting event of its kind to be staged entirely in a period theme. Revival is an immersive celebration of a less disposable world, where “make do and mend” was once a way of life. The new Electric MOKEs brought a fresh impetus to this ethos, with the MOKE team sharing to the public how they have committed to make changes for a more sustainable future.

“We are the first heritage automotive brand to go fully electric, which is something we are really proud of. The legacy is especially important to us, and you will have seen one of the original Mokes on display, but I would not say that we are beholden to the past. What is exciting for us is that everyone we seem to meet has a MOKE memory. And whilst contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future, we can create many new memories.”

Isobel Dando, CEO of MOKE International

Isobel Dando, CEO of MOKE International

MOKE at Goodwood Revival

Photographer: Harry Elliott




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