Another good time at Goodwood

When it comes to celebrating the love of automobiles and experiencing the thrill of motorsports, few events can match the excitement and prestige of the Goodwood Members Meet.


Motorsport enthusiasts, collectors, and industry insiders

The Goodwood Members Meet is an annual event that brings together motorsport enthusiasts, collectors, and industry insiders from around the world. Set in the hallowed grounds of Goodwood Estate in West Sussex, England, this exclusive gathering showcases an impressive array of vintage and modern vehicles. From legendary race cars to elegant classics, the event captures the essence of automotive history and innovation. Attendees indulge in the excitement of high-speed demonstrations, thrilling races, and the opportunity to witness iconic automotives up-close.

In the midst of the Goodwood Members Meet’s automotive splendor, the presence of MOKE added a touch of carefree adventure and distinct style. MOKE, with its unmistakable design and open-top configuration, has become synonymous with freedom and exploration.

The MOKEs compact size and agile nature make it the ideal companion for navigating crowded event grounds and embarking on scenic drives through picturesque landscapes, like the Chichester countryside. MOKE thoroughly enjoyed transporting guests to and from the Goodwood Hotel and the Goodwood House.




Following the film’s release, THE Argylle MOKE capsule collection, designed in collaboration with the creative minds behind the film, will be AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE for a limited time only.