MOKE Website FAQs


You can place your reservation fee on the ‘Order Page’ on our website.

We currently have retail partners in market in the UK, France and America.

We intend to announce further European and Global partners next year. For further announcements in your territory sign up on our contact page today!

Of course you do! Head to the order page, this will allow you to place a reservation fee. By paying a reservation fee this puts your name/colour preference and country down in the queue. Depending on where you are will determine what happens next. 

UK: You will be contacted by our retail partner Hendy to confirm your order, give you an estimated delivery month and give you a point of contact.   

France: You will be contacted by our retail partners, MOKE France based in St Tropez. The team there will confirm your order, give you an estimated delivery month and give you a point of contact.   

Rest of Europe: Your reservation fee will be held by us centrally until a retail partner is launched. Once launched, they will contact you to confirm your order. European countries to be announced through 2023 and full launch of partners in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and Germany in Spring 2024. Other European launch countries will be announced as we grow. 

North America: Our American partner is due to be announced shortly. They will be based in Florida with the ability to organise delivery across America. 

Rest of the World: There are a number of genuine MOKE destinations not listed here. We have intentions to grow throughout ’23 and beyond.Enquiries and reservation fee’s give us interest hot spots around the globe. If you want to check your specific country please get in touch [email protected]


The British, American and French pricing is available on the domestic websites.  

Due to the global appeal of the car the price of the MOKE will differ for local tax rates and delivery. By paying a reservation fee you reserve your build slot, but prior to locking down production your local MOKE retail partner will be in touch to confirm the details and the price. Up until this final confirmation your reservation fee remains completely refundable and risk free.  

  • We already have demo cars in the UK and French Riviera
  • We will continue to provide our partners demonstration vehicles where possible, however be aware demand is greatly outstripping supply so this may not be possible within a desired timescale.

For all Electric MOKE purchasing requirements, please pick your preferred colour, update your settings or join the waiting list via our ‘order’ page. As soon as we have confirmed the date about launching in your market, we will be in touch with more details.

Yes – We are taking orders for the Electric MOKE for summer delivery across the UK

We are now taking reservation fees for the American market. These will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis.

The news of us returning to the American has been so well received the order position has pushed out our usual 90 day order time. Currently we would estimate a 6+mth lead time on any orders. We will work on reducing this where possible.  

At point of order we assume you want the appropriate side drive to your ordering country. However we do give the option to stipulate which side you would like the steering wheel.


You will be given an estimated delivery date (EDD) at point of order acceptance by MOKE. Typically for all factory orders we suggest a lead time of at least 90 days from point of order acceptance to build complete. However, due to popular demand, the current lead time in America and France is 6 months.

The Electric MOKE doesn’t have one! But don’t worry, you can access your handbook online and download on any device. You may have noticed you don’t have a glovebox to store it in either.

Yes the Electric MOKE is a full Electric Vehicle. Known as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle).

The vehicle has a Type 2 socket built into one of the side pods. 

In the UK and Europe the car is supplied with a Type 2 charger with a domestic plug for charging at home or out and about. 

In America the car is supplied with an adapter and a Type 1 charger with a domestic plug.



The vehicle carries a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and the High Voltage battery comes with a 3 year warranty.

Our extensive warranty is there as a piece of mind, it covers the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the components or workmanship of your MOKE that may arise under normal use.

Our schedule is every 12mths or 5000 miles (whichever is sooner).

MOKE Gift Card

Simply go to our order page, choose your colour* & make a reservation fee.

Email [email protected] with your confirmation order number to receive for your official digital MOKE gift card.  

*This can be amended prior to order confirmation by the gift recipient.



Thank you for your enquiry. The MOKE team will be in contact with you soon!