I am interested in becoming a dealer or partner. How do I apply?

Please fill in the dealer/partner application form here:

When are you launching in the UK, where can I get one and how much will they cost?

We had expected to get final regulatory approval to re-enter the UK market with 56 Limited Edition petrol powered MOKEs last month (it’s been 56 years since the Mini MOKE was first launched here!). Given COVID-19 however, this has been delayed. We cannot make any guarantees but anticipate having approval and being ready to ship the first cars by the end of July. Accordingly we have extended our launch offer of £19,995 for a base model (incl VAT) until the 31st August. See p.15 of the UK Info Pack for more details on what is/isn’t included. The Limited Edition cars will be stamped with ‘x/56’ under the bonnet, with some other subtle, distinguishing features elsewhere (TBC). We are in final round talks with distributors re showrooms, test drives and after sales and will keep anyone on the waiting list posted.



We are in final round talks with dealers re showrooms, test drives, after-sales etc and can keep you posted.

When are you launching in Europe and how can I join the waiting list?

We  expect to launch a MOKE in the EU at the end of the year when we release a full speed electric MOKE with full regulatory approval (emissions etc) and EU homologation. Please mail us at to join the waiting list.

What about the USA?

We are partnered with MOKE USA in America, who are the only representatives of the genuine MOKE. We expect to launch a full-speed electric there at the end of the year. You can visit them and register your interest at

What about the rest of the world?

The classic 4-seater petrol engine MOKE  is currently on offer in various ‘Rest of the World’  countries at  EUR (€) 19 000 ex works (Cerizay, France)*





  • Current MOKE Locations: We have sold MOKEs to the following countries (mainly islands in the Caribbean / Indian Ocean): Bahamas , British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Mauritius (Africa), Mexico, Mustique, Philippines, Seychelles, St Barths, St Kitts, St Martin Turks and Caicos.
  • Pending: We are in discussions with partners in Brunei, Indonesia, South Africa and New Zealand where we believe the MOKE will receive regulatory approval. Please let us know if you are interested in there markets.
  • On hold: We are reviewing other major markets including Australia, South America, Middle East, India, Thailand and Japan markets but do not expect to be street legal there until we have launched an electric MOKE in the EU at the end of 2020.

Do they come in both Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive?


Are the petrol/gas MOKEs available as both Manual and Automatic?


How long is your warranty?

Each MOKE vehicle has a 2 year warranty period starting from the purchase date. This warranty covers the replacement (or repair) of defective recognised parts (and associated labour costs)

Where and how are your MOKEs manufactured?

The MOKE is engineered in the UK and the frame is made of British steel. These frames are then sent to our factory in Brittany, France cars where they are e-‘dipped’ (using an anti-corrosion cataphoresis process), painted, manufactured and assembled. We are an Approved European Exporter and ship our cars ‘ex works’  from France.

What options are available?

You’ll find details of the various vehicle options in our info packs for the UK and the Rest of the World (p.9).

When can I buy an electric MOKE?

We expect to launch the first genuine full-speed electric MOKE at the end of 2020. We will start selling this in the EU and USA before moving further afield. Please mail us at to join the waiting list. The size of waiting lists will partly decide which countries we launch in next!

Where can I find out more details on the petrol engine, fuel consumption etc?

You can see all specifications here for the gas/petrol/ICE MOKE here:

Is it possible to get a rear bench in the back that will fold down?

We are prioritising orders with standard seats but can provide quotes for customisations where allowed by safety standards. Please contact us here.