MOKE International announces partnership with Suncar SAS to sell Electric MOKEs in France

MOKE International, the British car manufacturer, has entered into an agreement with Suncar SAS, to represent the brand and enable sales of the new Electric MOKE to the French market.

London, 30 November 2023: MOKE International Limited, the British manufacturer, and owner of the original European MOKE trademark, has entered into an agreement with business partners Yann Ayache and Jeremy Pavis d’Escurac to establish Suncar SAS, to represent the MOKE brand in France and facilitate over 100 existing orders.

In their capacity as a Retail Partner, Suncar will play a pivotal role in managing customer relationships, overseeing their Electric MOKE orders, and provide Aftersales and Customer services. They will collaborate with GoMecano, a French start-up offering specialised on-site car repair services, which is already working closely with MOKE International

As part of an enhanced buyer experience, Suncar will purchase and import MOKEs directly from the UK, allowing customers to transact with them direct, whilst handling registration, delivery and the applications for claiming any government subsidies (“bonus écologique”) – currently set at €5,000 – removing the administrative burden of excess paperwork and customs clearance.

Yann Ayache is a veteran in the French automotive industry and previously grew the Toyota Nice dealership, selling 400 new cars a year in 2000, to 1,100 in 2016, whilst overseeing a business that grew to 180 employees. He has also represented Ford and other brands now owned by Stellantis, with a turnover of over €100 million. Jeremy Pavis d’Escurac  previously founded and managed the celebrated Café Saint Paul in Nice and has advised various other exclusive hospitality businesses. His experience will be essential for establishing a local presence and crucial brand partnerships.

The first wave of Electric MOKEs are already being enjoyed on the roads of France, with weekly shipments now entering the country from the UK. With over 70% of its parts coming from the UK or Europe, the Electric MOKE is exempt from import duties.

Robin Kennedy, Chief Commercial Officer, MOKE International, said: “Yann brings a wealth of automotive experience to the face of our business in France where homologation delays and other complications have left MOKE customers waiting longer than they’d have liked for their vehicles. I’m really excited about working with Yann and Jeremy to restore confidence in the MOKE brand. The waiting list continues to grow, and we have some exciting marketing plans.”

Yan Ayache, CEO, Suncar, said: “The MOKE is probably the best known and most loved car brand in France. Jeremy and I are delighted to be reintroducing it to the French market and have already completed deliveries to Paris, Monaco and the South of France. We have plans to deepen our relationship with MOKE International and hope to make further announcements early next year”

About Suncar SAS

SAS capital 1000 € under the number RCS Nice  97979907900012  with EORI NUMBER FR97979907900012




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