MOKE order books open ready for the great British staycation

MOKE on the beach
  • Official MOKE available to order from Hendy Group dealerships
  • Deliveries in time for the start of the British summer
  • Cars available to order from today. On the road prices start at £23,950 (including VAT)

“The MOKE is ready to light up the great British staycation and is available for immediate delivery. For more than 50 years an open-top MOKE has provided a sense of fun and freedom to beaches at home and overseas. These cars have re-captivated British buyers since the official return of MOKE in 2020. Now is the time to secure this universally loved icon in time for an unforgettable summer.”

Isobel Dando, CEO, MOKE International

MOKE Sailing

MOKE International is delighted to announce that official MOKEs will be ready to order in time for Summer delivery following showrooms opening on Monday April 12th. The arrival of these new MOKEs in Hendy Group dealerships will herald the start of the great British staycation.

Since the official return of the MOKE in the last summer of 2020, fun-seekers from Holkham to Sandbanks have taken delivery of the ultimate beach house-to-waterfront, open-air vehicle. Indeed, when the MOKE returned to British shores in the late summer of 2020 it wrote a new chapter in one of Britain’s best-loved automotive stories. From humble beginnings as a brief, to car design legend Alec Issigonis, to create a car robust enough to be deployed by aeroplane, the MOKE soon captivated the 1960s glamour-set.

Since then defining cultural figures like Brigitte Bardot, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and latterly Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow have lived the MOKE dream. The cars have even featured in four James Bond films.


A MOKE has always provided the perfect canvas from which customers can express their tastes. In reviving the marque, MOKE International offers a range of 14 configurable colours.

Customers are able to specify individual shades for the car’s chassis, bumpers, central bars and front grille – affording a nearly limitless scope to create truly individual interpretations of the MOKE’s iconic design.

MOKE at sundown
MOKE engineering

Today’s MOKEs remain true to the look and feel of the original, with a particular focus on maintaining the sense of fun and freedom that has endeared the car to so many for more than five decades. Updates include a new 4 cylinder, fuel injection engine, uprated suspension, braking and the option for either automatic transmission or manual for the more engaged driver.

The vehicle is also slightly larger to provide more cabin space. Features previously viewed as a luxury like power steering and heated windscreen now, of course, come as standard.

A MOKE is available to pick-up from today. On the road prices start at £23,950 (including VAT).

Interested buyers should register their interest at


Transmission: 4-speed Automatic
Engine: 4 cylinder, 1083cc
Fuel Economy: 34 mpg
Emissions standard: Euro 4
Top Speed: 68mph
Power: 67hp (50Kw) @ 6000 rpm
Torque: 93Nm @ 3500–4500 rpm

MOKE at surfing